He Is Jealous For You

You love him so much. He’s the only guy that makes you feel a certain type of way. It’s different, right? When you wake up, he’s on your mind. Before you go to sleep, he’s on your mind. Oh let’s not forget you can see spending forever with him. You cook for him, wash his cloths, grocery shop and make his favorite dish. If he calls, you answer on the first or second ring. Your calendar is always open for him. There are no boundaries because he’s your man, and if you don’t another woman will, right? When it comes to love-making, he’s the best and no other man can compare. “No” is not a word that he hears from you because that’s your boo, right?

At times you feel like he takes you for granted. He don’t go out of his way for you, like you do for him, hmmm. Ambiguous! His words don’t quite align with his actions, but he’s trying, right? And don’t let him take forever to respond to your text or don’t answer your call. Your day is ruined and attitude is jacked! You can’t focus. But when you do finally hear from him, you’re on cloud nine, right?

How do I know all of this because I was that girl honey! I gave my “ALL” to someone who was not my husband. I made him number one in my life and he didn’t earn that position. I placed myself and others on the back burner while “I” pursued my hearts desire. Oh yes, I also placed him before God! Yep, I did. I made him an idol by placing him in God’s position. I knew I was wrong, I stopped spending time with God. My prayers became vague, drive by prayers “thank you Lord for another day.” Pitiful! There’s more to this story but the end results was this man cheated on me! Broke my heart into a million pieces. The pain was nothing I had ever experienced. I cried, questioned myself, resented him and lost 15 lbs from not eating! That actually was a good thing. Ha!

One day I was crying from my core and God told me “I am a jealous God, and you will have no other gods before me.” “Huh, what Lord?” I was confused. I wasn’t worshipping a statue or anything. Immediately, every situation that I placed this man before God flashed before my eyes. Astounded! I repented and made a promise to NEVER allow myself to ever repeat that mistake again. I gave him all of me, and now he’s gone but Jesus never left me. Wow! Nobody is worth His position; especially someone who didn’t make a vow to me. Technically he didn’t owe me faithfulness, and neither does your boyfriend. Truth hurts, I know.

I truly pray that my testimony helps someone because in the end that relationship that’s outside of God’s will is not going to evolve. However, it can change if you walk in obedience, and ask God to heal your fear of losing and being rejected. Because that’s the root of why a man would be placed on a pedestal before he has earned that position. Now, think ladies, who would you prefer being separated from? Man or God? The choice is yours.

May God bless and lead you always!

Mecca Lasha

You must worship no other gods, for the LORD, whose very name is Jealous, is a God who is jealous about his relationship with you. Exodus 34:14 NLT