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Get To Know Your Vagina!

As far back as I can remember I struggled with my ph balance, and it’s only because I didn’t understand what my Kitty needed outside of meds for yeast and bacteria infections. I can still taste that nasty metallic taste in my mouth from Flagyl 🥴. Ugh! But I had to have it on deck because I never knew when BV was coming for an unannounced visit. It popped up after sex, after my period, from douching or a new fragrance soap I tried to use….. or them itchy yeast infections that always got so bad before they got better. Especially when I didn’t have money for that greasy cream. It was very rare to have a long extended period without any discomfort. I decided to figure this mysterious part of me out. I wasn’t the only woman dealing with these issues….. me and my girls would share meds and stories all the time!

This first thing I researched was douching because I knew the way my Kitty felt afterwards wasn’t natural at all. It felt like I was stripped of everything natural. Sex after douching hurt like hell….. It was dry like a dessert…. I would always get a yeast infection a few days later. I finally asked my Gynecologist and she told me that vinegar is used to identify bacteria and that it was stripping away my good bacteria and natural flora (I knew it). Immediately I stopped douching with vinegar. I also researched the cause of yeast infections and learned that I needed to add probiotics to my diet, so that’s what I did. Yeast infections became rare and if I did get one, I would douche with purified water and 1/4 cup of plain uncultured yogurt. BOOM! That did it.

The next issue I had to conquer was Bacteria Vaginosis (BV)! I hate to say this ladies…. but celibacy pretty much fixed that issue and what I discovered is that semen is alkaline and the Kitty environment is acidic. 🤨 When those two come together…. it can cause a pH imbalance. Once I did get remarried “Pulling & Praying” became our method of choice because chile, I wasn’t trying to disturb my Kitty again. 🤣

My cycle was also the culprit, so I started to explore holistic options to cure BV……. Coconut Oil and Tea Tree Oil had all the properties for healing and I soaked both ingredients in a tampon overnight…. that became my “go to” remedy. It took about 3 to 5 days to notice results but it worked for me. When I learned more about Turmeric when it started to buzz as a healing ingredient ….. I added that too and I noticed the relief time was much quicker than before. This is the root of me creating the Kitty Soaps, Kitty Oil and Kitty Melts because with these key ingredients….. it-works for me and others in my circle. So I knew it would help others as well.

This business (Mink Kitty Coat) was created with intention. My goal is to help women to learn their Kitty and the best products that build consistent comfort and confidence. There is nothing better than ruling your Kitty instead of it ruling you! 😂

Love & Blessings