Meet The Author

Mecca Lasha is a Motivational Coach and CEO of Mink Kitty Coat®️. She’s based in Dallas Texas with her husband, beautiful daughters and two grandsons. Her specialty is empowering women to be their absolute best, in every circumstance. Rather you are single, married or divorced, she’s able to assist with sustaining and improving your current status. She’s transparent, honest and relatable which makes it extremely easy to have the most difficult conversation in detail without feeling judged. Mecca Lasha is not only an exceptional listener but you’ll walk away feeling encouraged and with a new prospective on life (based on biblical principles). She will never tell you what you want to hear but exactly what you need to hear, all in love.

“The world is ready for your beautiful unique self and without the facade, hurt and anger. You were destined to be virtuous.”

~ Mecca Lasha ❤️❤️