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I’m no super hero, but He is

Is it okay to express hurt and disappointment or do you just hold it all inside hoping the feelings will magically disappear? Do you ignore constant disappoint? As a Christian woman, when is enough really enough. We’re taught to forgive over and over and over again but is it okay to remember the trespass? Does grace run out? I ask all of these questions because I walk through life forgiving but rarely healing. I know as Christians we’re to cast our cares on Him because He cares but what about this built up pain that I’m feeling in the meantime.

This is cliche but I honestly feel as if my kindness is taking for granted. “She’ll forgive” is what I know most would say about me because I do but when the same offense is being committed repeatedly, now what do I do? I’m doing my best to be the light that shines in dark places but no one seems to see that my light is going dim. Do I trust in my Lord and Savior, of course I do and He’s the reason why I’m still standing after so many heartbreaks.

I normally see the best in those around me and share my gratitude for all their great attributes but when I finally decide to express my hurts or honest feelings, it’s like I’m the one who’s wrong. I’m so tired of being misunderstood. I wish I could be heard without the judgement but with just a little bit of empathy and understanding. I’m no superhero as many might perceive me to be, I’m only human with Christ inside of me. Even He cried and sweated blood when no one seemed to understand the magnitude of his fear and pain. So why are there not any exceptions for me? Well because He said “Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the LORD delivereth him out of them all.” And when I look back over my life, He has done just that. So as I sit here with tears rolling down my cheeks, I know this too shall pass but in the meantime oh God give me strength to believe.

Who Run The World? VAGINAS!!


Kitty, vajajay, whoo-ha, poom poom, coochie, beaver, taco, honey-pot, P word, or thang (my grams name for it). Whatever you may call it, she needs extra love, quality time & attention. You can’t just slap any product down there and hope it sticks. God created it to clean itself internally (stop douching) but what about the external care? It needs more than aerosol spray, soap & powder. It needs daily hydration for those who love tight pants & thongs (prevents friction) and my every other day shave queens 🙋🏾‍♀️. Yep, that’ll be me. Chile…waxing hurts and I can’t risk the possibility of losing sensation in important places with the laser treatments, I’m just saying.

Do you have a daily hregimen to prevent and treat razor bumps, burns and hyperpigmentation (discoloration), which is also known as excessive melanin production? Ladies, it’s not safe practice to shave over those conditions without allowing time for your skin to heal and regenerate new skin cells because doing so can cause bacteria to grow and the area becomes inflamed or infected. You don’t want that.

That’s why I created Mink Kitty Coat a company that provides organic vaginal products for the external (mon pubis) area. We have an Organic Vaginal Balm for women like us who shave and genuinely care about what we subject our kitty to. It has natural ingredients to resolve inflammation, discoloration and bacteria. Oh and maintain that sweat causing odor. You never have to wonder about any adverse reaction, unless you’re not following the directions or are allergic to the listed ingredients, in which you can pronounce and identify without googles help.

– Mecca Lasha ❤️❤️